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A New Year - A New Look - A New Start - Let's Begin with CES2024

Published on January 22, 2024 by Rudy (Hrothulf) Moertl
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We are here again at CES2024 with the Creative Content Creators and the rest of the Media. And so we begin with CES2024 "Media Days" on January 7th and 8th, 2024 in Las Vegas with this introduction.

CES 2024: A Glimpse of the Future

CES 2024 kicked off with two exciting media days, where hundreds of exhibitors showcased their latest innovations and products to the press and industry analysts. From smart home devices to wearable tech, from autonomous vehicles to virtual reality, CES 2024 offered a glimpse of the future of technology and how it will shape our lives.

One of the highlights of the media days was the CES Unveiled event, where more than 200 startups and emerging companies presented their cutting-edge solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Among the participants were:

- **BioSense**, a biometric sensor that can detect stress, fatigue, and mood by analyzing sweat and skin temperature. BioSense aims to improve mental health and wellness by providing personalized feedback and recommendations to users.

- **EcoWave**, a wave energy converter that can harness the power of the ocean to generate clean and renewable electricity. EcoWave claims to have the highest efficiency and lowest cost of any wave energy device in the market, and plans to deploy its technology in remote islands and coastal communities.

- **Flyt**, a personal flying device that can carry one passenger up to 20 miles at speeds of up to 60 mph. Flyt uses four electric propellers and a smart flight control system to provide a safe and fun way to travel in the air. Flyt hopes to revolutionize urban mobility and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

- **Lumi**, a smart lamp that can project interactive content on any surface. Lumi can turn any wall, table, or floor into a touchscreen, and can also display 3D holograms and augmented reality. Lumi can be used for entertainment, education, gaming, and communication.

- **Nura**, a neural interface that can connect the human brain to any device. Nura uses a non-invasive headset that can read and write brain signals, and a software platform that can translate them into commands and feedback. Nura can enable users to control computers, smartphones, robots, and even other people's minds.

The above article was not written by the MW editor or any human person. The article "CES 2024: A Glimpse of the Future" was written by generative AI. The glimpse into the future is no longer a glimpse into the future it is a look at today... the present! This reality is upsetting, upturning, overturning, and unpredictable with sociological and culture impacts we have never seen before now.

It has changed EVERYTHING!
Are YOU ready!!!

CES 2024

The future is always ours. 2024 will be full of wonder. It will brighten our world with a path to things that will excite, fascinate and enhance our senses like never before. We will have a look at just a small fraction of the things that will change our lives today and the bright future to come. CES 2024 will again be held in Las Vegas and will showcase the aspirations of our world and portray a future global community that will not only dazzle and inspire us but also enhanced our life experiences. CES 2024 Magic begins in January 2024.

All the excitement this year is about AI and we will bring you what the AI industry leaders are predicting for the future (not the distant future, but for tomorrow).
Watch this space for the future of today